About PPM

Pig Production and Marketing Uganda Limited is a livestock company specializing in trade of pigs & their products. The company deals in pork, breeding stock and consultancy services to pig farmers and those entering the business.

  • PORK
  • The company slaughter pigs and sale pork (whole and special cuts) to both large and small buyers taking not less than 5Kg. PPM pig slaughter house is located at Watubba – Matugga, 10Miles from the city center.

  • PPM sale breeding stock to starting pig farmers and those aiming at improving their farm stock, this is supplied by over 162 registered partner farms including 20 directly managed by the company. These make us capable of supplying any quantity of breeding pigs at all stages and counteracting the practice of inbreeding and disease transmissions. Breeding stock include Piglets, Gilts, Burrows, Pregnant sows and Boars.

  • Through its new partnership with Breeds, Feeds and Meats Limited (BFML), PPM will supply reliable Artificial Insemination (AI) services in Uganda using semen collected from super breeds. This will help farmers cut costs of production by reducing boar population on farm, the use of village boars and spread of African swine fever.

    PPM is using its long developed expertise, skills, knowledge and professionalism in pig production to offer advisory and consultancy services to pig farmers and those entering the business. This involves development of feasibility studies and business planning, training packages in pig production (on farm and mass training events organized throughout the country and development of training materials.

  • Farm ware (pig nipple drinkers, District customized Ear tags & tag applicators, Ear notching togs, tail and teeth cutters etc). All aimed at improving husbandry and making final products easily traceable.

    Long Term Aim of the Business

    To modernize, promote and develop pig production in Uganda through providing secure and sustainable markets, advisory services and all necessary inputs to make the sector a reliable source of income for both smallholder and medium scale pig farmers in Uganda.



    Various pig breeds available for sale.
    White Pork Cinque Terre
    Premium 1 Pork Cinque Terre
    Premium 2 Pork Cinque Terre

    Various pig breeds available for sale.

    Landrace Cinque Terre
    Camborough Cinque Terre
    Large White Cinque Terre


    PPM sales quality pork to clients buying in large quantities with a minimum of 5 Kilograms. Pigs are hygienically slaughtered and the meat inspected for health risk threats by area veterinary officers. The company also offers delivery service to clients that request for it. Pork orders are placed a day before delivery date and a commitment fee (50% of total product cost) deposited for clients who are interested in our delivery services. Delivery time for pork is between 8:00am to 12:00PM every day and offered to clients near city center only. Pork clients can aswell collect their meat from the slaughter house starting from 7:00am to 12:00PM every day.

    Breeding Stock (Live Pigs)

    PPM sales breeding stock to farmers starting pig enterprises, different pure and crossbreeds of Large white, Landrace, Hampshire, Duroc and cambrough are available. We sale ready to breed gilts, boars and pregnant sows. Our pigs are disease free with clear pedigree and other related records for buyer's reference. Farmers/clients are provided with a free training manual that explains basics in pig breeding to assist them in selection of the right pigs for their breeding purposes. We also avail affordable and convenient transport and always ensure safe delivery of the pigs to their final destination by providing a staff to escort them.


    PPM is using its long developed experience, skills, knowledge and professionalism in pig production to offer advisory and consultancy services to pig farmers and those entering the industry. This involves feasibility studies on the profitability of the industry, 2 days training package in pig production and pig farming business plan development. The company follows up progress of farmers until their first sale from their farms; we also provide a reliable and sustainable market to such farmers/clients. Price for consultancy and advisory services is available on company pricelist.


    Farmers' Trainings

    Pig Production and Marketing Uganda Limited offer both production and Marketing services to pig farmers in Uganda to enable increased production and productivity. The company support farmers through training, linkages to input providers and buying their produce. Company products & services range from fresh pork, consultancy, breeding pigs, production Manuals and farm equipment e.g. nipple drinkers.


    Feed mixing.


    Feeding training.


    One of the organised workshops recently.




    Pig Production and Marketing Uganda Limited works together with different institutions to develop both the piggery industry and fighting poverty across Uganda


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    Payment Methods

    1. Mobile Money
      • MTN - 0774 315 777 (Mercy Kyaterekera)
      • Airtel - 0754 490 314 (Ivine Nadamba)

    2. Direct Deposit
    3. Centenary Bank

      A/C Name: Pig Production and Marketing (U) Ltd
      A/C No.: 3710300380
      Branch Name: Mapeera House
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