PPM sales quality pork to clients buying in large quantities with a minimum of 5 Kilograms. Pigs are hygienically slaughtered and the meat inspected for health risk threats by area veterinary officers. The company also offers delivery service to clients that request for it. Pork orders are placed a day before delivery date and a commitment fee (50% of total product cost) deposited for clients who are interested in our delivery services. Delivery time for pork is between 8:00am to 12:00PM every day and offered to clients near city center only. Pork clients can aswell collect their meat from the slaughter house starting from 7:00am to 12:00PM every day.


Various Categories of quality pork we sell.

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White Pork


THE Pork Expo 2018
17th to 19th May

The Pork Expo will feature an Exhibition, Training on pig farming, Business to business meetings, Various pork dishes to taste and a celebration with local musicians in the last hours of the second day of the event.

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