Pig Production and Marketing Uganda Limited offer both production and Marketing services to pig farmers in Uganda to enable increased production and productivity. The company support farmers through training, linkages to input providers and buying their produce. Company products & services range from fresh pork, consultancy, breeding pigs, production Manuals and farm equipment e.g. nipple drinkers.

Using our long developed experience, skills, knowledge and professionalism in pig production, we offer advisory and consultancy services to pig farmers and those entering the industry. This involves feasibility studies on the profitability of the industry, 2 days training package in pig production and pig farming business plan development.

The company follows up progress of farmers until their first sale from their farms; we also provide a reliable and sustainable market to such farmers/clients. Price for consultancy and advisory services is available on company pricelist.

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Photos of previous training events

THE Pork Expo 2018
17th to 19th May

The Pork Expo will feature an Exhibition, Training on pig farming, Business to business meetings, Various pork dishes to taste and a celebration with local musicians in the last hours of the second day of the event.

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